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Our Phoenix drum enclosures have answered the drum isolation needs of a church with style, comfort, connectivity, and ease of use.


We love using our real world knowledge of audio, video, lighting and acoustics to empower churches to deliver their message with clarity and excellence.


Our stage design and set artists can help your church make stunning first impressions and create powerful experiences for the congregation.


We want to be your source for drums, guitars, amps, effects, keyboards, sticks, heads, strings, cables and other supplies.

Drum Enclosures:

You have seen our line of Phoenix drum enclosures at many churches including the campuses of Gateway Church, Southlake TX. You can also see a Phoenix enclosure on tour with country music legend Tim McGraw. Our drum enclosures have answered the drum isolation needs of a church with style, comfort, connectivity, and ease of use. Options include, lighting, custom pin connection snakes, dmx, ac power, light bars, ceiling mounted mic mounts, fans, staging, cable management systems, casters, rubber floors, back entrance & side entrance. We can customize heights, square footage, fabric, and outside metal and laminate finishes to match your existing room.

Phoenix LX

The Phoenix LX Seamless Drum Enclosure is our signature product. The acoustics of the drums outside the enclosure remains at the volume level of a normal conversation, allowing sound engineers to mic drums for a CD-quality sound without acoustic bleed.

Phoenix Curve

The Phoenix Curve has the same great look as the LX, without the stage and additional bells and whistles. The Curve comes with front-curved glass, two side glass panels, ceiling, back wall with a single door, and a small axial fan air exchange system. Along with the same great look, the Curve performs at the same DB reduction level as the LX.

Phoenix Lite

The Phoenix Lite has the same great look as the Curve, however, it has a smaller foot print and it does not come with a header or fans. This design is very good for the church where square footage is limited and where sight lines are an issue.

Phoenix Slim

The Phoenix Slim, currently on tour with Tim McGraw, has the same great curved front look as the LX and Curve without the ceiling or back wall. The Slim is a stand-alone curved glass shield that is used to keep the drums or percussion from bleeding into the vocal mics. The Slim is great in an environment where complete sound isolation is not necessary.

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AVL/Acoustic Design and Installation:

Our church clients have a message to share and a mission to change the world. We love using our real world knowledge of audio, video, lighting and acoustics to empower churches to deliver their message with clarity and excellence. Our acoustic designs are technically accurate and aesthetically pleasing. We work within the client?s budget and help them determine their list of priorities. Because we are not married to any particular equipment brands, we can deliver a custom solution that meets the unique and specific needs of each client.

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Live Event Sound, Lighting and Video Production:

We provide high-quality pro sound, lighting and video equipment and personnel for live events. Whether the need is short equipment rental, long term equipment rental or full production needs for single event, we are glad to be your source. Our staff can provide you with the best solutions to meet your budget.

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Stage and Set Design:

A church platform is not only the focal point of communication, but the visual frame in which everyone experiences the message. Experts tell us that even before a church service begins, first-time guests may decide if they will return to a church. Our stage and set artists can help your church make stunning first impressions and create powerful experiences for the congregation.

Equipment Sales and Supplies:

We desire to go above and beyond for our clients. If you need drums, guitars, amps, effects, keyboards or any musical instruments, we can help. Our commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction goes down to the smallest of details. We continue to serve our clients after equipment purchases by being your go-to source for sticks, heads, strings, cables and other supplies.

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What others are saying about our Phoenix Drum Enclosures:


The Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosure is an incredible help for worship. I can always tell the difference when I’m on stage without it. The Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosure maintains a quieter stage and allows me to not be overwhelmed or feel taken over by the intensity of the drums. I feel that is also allows my sound man to properly distribute the band’s instrumentation without having to fight a “room” with the drums, especially when you have a solid, strong drummer. It allows the drummer the ability to play as hard or as soft as he needs and lets the sound man do the rest. One other aspect is the cleanliness of the stage, it makes the stage look clean and organized; a desire of all churches! I have also known Chad Whiteley and his family for many, many years and I love his heart for worship. He has a true gift to not only play drums, but to help usher in the presence of God. The shield is like an extension of the anointing that God has placed on his life. Your team, church and stage will love it!

Kari Jobe

Worship Pastor, Gateway Church

We love our Phoenix LX! Isolating stage volume has been a huge plus for us here at the Highlands. Your drum enclosure definitely helps us to create a controlled dynamic worship environment.

Noticeable benefits of this enclosure –

  • Complete isolation of drums clean up stage volume and allow for much more controlled mixes.
  • Acoustically sound environment for micing drums.
  • Seamless plexi provide clean video shots and sight lines to the drummer.
  • Rubber floor provides quick cleanup of stick shavings and such.
  • Quick disconnect snake and wheels on enclosure make it easy to move the drum position on stage.


Luke Vogel

Technical Director, Church of the Highlands

We love the Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosures so much that not only do we have them at all five of our campuses, we’ve also purchased them for rehearsal rooms and youth rooms. The control of sound that it has given our audio engineers is second to none. We have had the opportunity to use the enclosure for three of our live recordings, God Be Praised, Great, Great God and Forever Yours. With the sound isolation of the Phoenix LX we were not only able to get great drum tracks, we were able to keep every vocal that was done live those nights because there was no drum bleed in the vocal mics. Because of its seamless design it also looks great on television. We highly recommend the Phoenix Seamless Drum Enclosures. We now won’t do a campus without one.


Walker Beach

Executive Pastor of Worship Production, Gateway Church

The Phoenix Curve became an integral part of our recent auditorium remodel. It provides amazing sound control over the drums that allows our new sound system do the work. With the sleek design, the Curve adds to the clean look that we were trying to create on our stage and greatly enhances the worship environment. This product ws built to last and the support from Whiteley Solutions is top notch.


Mike Morgan

Worship Pastor, Grace Church - San Diego, CA

The isolation of the drums was a very nice surprise. We knew the drums would be contained but didn’t realize how much they were spilling over into the room. Even our under balcony speakers which provide audio support for about 400 – 500 seats sound enormously better.


Josh Dade

Technical Director, Trinity Church - Lubbock, TX

What others are saying about our AVL/Acoustic Design and Installation services:


“Great AVL starts with people not just new technology.”? That is the heart Bellevue Christian Center received from the very beginning of our experience with Whiteley Solutions.? Their heart for business and ministry is second to no one.? Not only have I heard countless reports from our congregation about how great the AVL upgrades are, but our ministry tech team has been informed at a professional level, and personally inspired to create an environment that reflects the personality and purpose of our church.

When we began looking for a company to manage our AVL project we needed a company that would be a great steward of our resources, work with a professional level competence and integrity, create a relevant AVL environment for our worship experience, and provide clear expectations and communication during the instillation and all our business encounters. The team at Whiteley Solutions provided all of that and more.

Whiteley Solutions quickly became the obvious choice and was easily head and shoulders above their competitors, because of their professional business practice, their attention to our ministry values, and the value we received financially for the equipment we purchased.

They raised the level of creativity our ministry team has because they gave us the appropriate media tools we were missing for so long. The team at Whiteley Solutions invested in our tech team and made us feel we were important and valued to them on a personal and ministry level. We really did have an unforgettable experience from the first call to the final installation. I am confident any church, business, or community event center would have the same experience primarily because the team at Whiteley Solutions works with integrity and desires to help you succeed.

TJ Cristobal

Worship & Creative Arts Pastor , Bellevue Christian Center - Bellevue, NE

If you are looking for an AVL company where faith, quality, and reliability come first, Whiteley Solutions is the team for you.?Chad Whiteley exceeded our expectations in every aspect from start to finish of the project.?If it weren?t for God bringing Whiteley Solutions into the mix, I firmly believe that our new campus would not have been able to open by the expected deadline.?Chad and his team delivered, and continue to deliver, impeccable services to our church. Whiteley Solutions has set a new standard for the AVL industry and our church will continue to use their services on all future projects. We not only have one of the most incredible AVL packages that can be found but we also gained a life long friendship.


Chris Shumate

Associate Pastor, The Fountains Fellowship Church - Crowley, TX

Whiteley Solutions is your best choice for Sound and Lighting. Not only is the price competitive, but the above and beyond service has been impeccable. Chad worked with our budget to get a sound that is comparable to larger churches with three times the budget. Their knowledge of the equipment and their willingness to train our volunteer sound and lighting crew made Whiteley Solutions a cut above the rest. Whether you have a multi-million dollar budget or ten thousand dollar budget, Whiteley Solutions is your one stop shop for stage, sound, lighting, and install. We couldn’t be more pleased.


Clint Collins

Global Freedom Pastor, Life Church - Big Spring TX

What others are saying about our Equipment Sales and Supplies:

When it comes to equipping our campuses with new instruments, Whiteley Solutions has been nothing short of excellent. The team is not merely selling a product. They invest so much as to take the time to research the gear we?re interested in to ensure the absolute best quality of instruments for our church?s worship experience.?When you buy gear from Whiteley Solutions, you are guaranteed the best gear for your budget.


Johnny Vogt

Associate Pastor of Worship Production, Gateway Church

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